History of Shannon Run Church

The Shannon Run Church is located on Big Shannon Run, two and one-half mile from Mt. Morris. It is a Methodist Episcopal church in the Pittsburgh, PA Conference.

In 1864, under the leadership of the Reverend William Gamble, Church school and worship services were held in a log school house near the home of Ansel Lemely. In 1868, under the pastorate of the Reverend Charles McCaslin, a church was built, the timbers being cut by David Lemlely on a water-powered saw mill. The land was deeded by Phineas Headley and his wife Nancy. The church was deeded to the first three trustees, Joseph Headly of Jessie, Elijah Hartley and Frank Headlee, their successors and assigns, and the Pittsburgh Conference, "so long as the word of God is expounded." Originally the church had eight by ten inch window panes and a shingle roof, and was heated by a small coal stove in the sanctuary. Later a small basement was dug out for the coal furnace. Many improvements have since been made over the years, including a full basement under the church, a new shingle roof, and a modern oil furnace. The church has had numerous circuit relationships, and is presently on the Mt. Morris circuit comprising of Bald Hill, Mt. Morris, Shannon Run and Taylortown. The membership in 1968 was 48.


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