History of Methodism in Mt. Morris, PA

(from "The Church at work", 100 Anerversary, First Methodist Episcopal Church, 1995)

In the month of August, 1825, Mr. David Boydston and Esther A. Boydston, his wife, made a joint deed to James Donley, Samuel Lemley, David Lemley, Baltis Higgins, Solomon Russell, Joseph C. Dool.ey, James Callahan and Justus G. Fordyce, trustees in trust for the Mthodist Episcopal church for the site upon which our past and present church now stands.

It was thus in 1825 that the first Methodist Episcopal society this side fo the Mason and Dixon line had its birth, and is now known throughout Green county and the Pittsburgh Conference of Methodism as the First Methodist Episcopal church of Mt. Morris, PA.

This society , under the direction of pioneer circuit riders, grew from time to time. The date of the erection of the second edifice is not known, but the third church used by the society was built and dedicated in June of 1886 under the direction of the Rev. A.E. Husted, now pastor of our First Methodist Episcopal church at Brownsville, PA. This edifice served the people well until about the year 1917, when under the direction of the pastor, the late Rev. J.V. Potter and his noble chore of faithful followers the old building was remodeled, an addition built thereto, and the now modern twentieth century plant in which we worship was dedicated by bishop Joseph F. Berry, in June of the year of our Lord 1918. During the 100 years that the church has stood, it has served insofar as the records are to be found from the year 1831 to the present date by 57 pastors, not including 4the time when a Junior as well as a Senior pastor serve the work.

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