The Old Fair Grounds

The Fair Ground was built by local people and could boast of one of the fastest half-mile tracks in Southwestern Pennsylvania. The first fair was held in 1905, and 6,000 people were in attendance. It has gone into oblivion, the same as many other fairs. The buildings are all removed a, nothing but the track remains. (in 1996 there is no longer any evidence of the fair as the Interstate 79 interchange was built in its former location).

A beautiful story is told by Mr. Dean concerning the faithfulness of horse to man. Rock C had been sold for several years when Mr. Dean desired to see him once again. It was many miles to the destination and when Mr. Dean arrived within several hundred yards of the stable where Rock C. was quartered, the horse whinnied. The keeper wondered why the horse did this. In a few minut es Mr. Dean came on the grounds and started to go in Rock C's stall when the keeper grasped him by the arm and told him the horse would kill him if he went in there. Mr. Dean won the argument and walked in. Rock C again whinnied pleasantly and pushed his nose into the pocket of Mr. Dean's coat for the apple that was always there.

\par It was quite a task for Mr. Dean to leave the horse that he loved\'85during the long years of separation history would lose much of its character if the needs of horse and horseman of all ages were eliminated .

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